Acupressure Points & Their Effectiveness

Acupressure Points of the HandAnybody who has been to an acupuncturist has probably heard about the pressure points that are located throughout the human body. These points travel along with a call meridians different areas in your body which have somewhat of a cause and effect type of feeling. What I mean is this. If you were to pinch and area between your thumb and inside of your palm you could relieve the pain that you feel somewhere in the back of your neck. This is just an example and probably isn’t correct, however it is a good idea of what the concept is about.

When I first heard this from my acupuncturist I really didn’t think that it could be that beneficial to relieving my pain. Although not a long term solution, massaging or triggering your pressure points without the use of a needle can give you short term relief. Especially if you also avoid the activity that caused it for a brief period of time.

In my honest opinion, I truly believe that acupuncture will always be a much better treatment. Although this is a great way to quickly relieve any pain that might start to cause problems as your day continues.

To learn more information about how pressure points can cause release, then take a look at the resources from I research below.

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Rolfing Anchorage Alaska: Why Is It So Popular?

Alaska Structural IntegrationIf you live in Alaska specifically Anchorage then you’ve probably heard of a healing technique that is referred to as rolfing. It seems as though alternative medicine as a whole is slowly growing up on the new generation. Less and less people are resorting to surgery to heal their problems in the beginning to understand the healing power of their own bodies.

Many blue collar working types suffer from long term chronic pain from their workplace. Although don’t be confused. Many office positions can cause and provoke long term chronic pain in your back as well. Some may develop neck stiffness and others may even develop migraines or other forms of discomfort. So it’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what type of profession can cause such long term damage.

There appears to be many more locations per capita for rolfing Anchorage AK then there is in other parts of the United States . Plus it just seems to be more of a trend all the way out in Alaska than in the rest of the country. Is Alaska more accepting of alternative healing practices? Or is it just that rolfing is one procedure which Alaska truly believes in and has had a lot of success from?

Either way we believe anybody who is open up to the possibilities that drug free and surgery free methods are effective. Can definitely find long term relief if they really work for it.

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